Dear Friends,

I am working on a project where i have a JSP page(ex1.jsp) and in that JSP page i have 2 frames((ex2.jsp on top) and (ex3.jsp in bottom))...When ex1.jsp is has to load ex2.jsp frame and ex3.jsp by passing some paramenters to it.. Please see the code..

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8" import=java.util.*,java.text.*" session="true"%>
Vector vBtrs = null;
String szKType = "";
String szKDesc = "";
String szOpearion = "";
String szCustomForm = null;
    szKType = request.getParameter("KType");
    szKDesc = request.getParameter("KDesc ");
    szOpearion = request.getParameter("operation");
    szCustomForm = request.getParameter("customform");
  if(szCustomForm !=null && szCustomForm.equals("yes")){
        System.out.println("IT is going for Custom form");
        vBtrs = (java.util.Vector)request.getAttribute("Btrs");
}catch(Exception e){
        if(szCustomForm != null && szCustomForm.equals("yes")){
        <frameset rows="30%,*" frameborder="1" >
        <frame src="jsp/ex2.jsp?KType=<%=szKType%>&KDesc=<%=szKDesc%>&operation=<%=szOpearion%>" name="" scrolling="auto" name="btrsFrame1"></frame>
        <frameset rows="23%,*" frameborder="1" >
        <frame src="jsp/ex3.jsp?KType=<%=szKType%>&KDesc=<%=szKDesc%>&operation=<%=szOpearion%>" name="" scrolling="auto" name="btrsFrame2"></frame>
        <frame src="" name="showframe" scrolling="auto"></frame>

i don't want this URL passing(as am passing some other language values, this passing is not supported) there any other method or way that i can pass the values to this 2 frames from ex1.jsp page..

Please suggest me how to solve this..

Thanks & regards,
Jayaprakash P R

Hi Friends..

I have solved the problem by putting the value in session... session.setAttribute( "KType", KType); and retrived it back in ex2.jsp as String szKType = (String)session.getAttribute("Ktype")

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