Hi There :)

I purchased and downloaded this flash gallery
from Mmfiles.com <- Good site.

Now, of course I'm looking to insert this versatile resizable flash gallery,
into my website that was designed in Dream-weaver cs3.
Are there any good tutorials you might know to help me do this ?

The Flash Photo Gallery I downloaded was made with
Flash Version 8+ and AS version: AS2.

Please help if you can in any way! It's so appreciated.
I honestly have no idea how to insert the flash gallery into
my website after I downloaded it.

Thank you so much for any help!

As you did not specified which gallery it is I can only give general direction

  • check for any "read me" files they often holds basic description how to use the product
  • else in Dreamweaver use option to add object to your page. Through file chooser, the window to browse files, you need to locate SWF and add it to your design. Check for file path correctness

PS: If you let us know which gallery you bought maybe there will be somebody who already used

Assuming this is just a regular one file, flash movie you should have a file with an extension of .swf

Move this file into your "site" that your website was built in inside of dreamweaver.

You can include a Flash object in your html several ways. The easiest way is using Dreamweavers, Insert>Media>Flash menu. The other way is the Satay Embed method.

Dreamweaver inserts the object tags, param, sizing, javascript files and a flash player check for you. Your flash file will look like a large gray box inside of dreamweaver, this is normal. Once you upload to your host or preview in a browser you'll see the actual flash movie. Keep in mind that using this method is not XHTML valid, if you're concerned with having your pages XHTML validated.

If you would like this to validate you'll have to use the Flash Satay Embed method, which is less code, but you lose the Flash Player Checker with auto upgrade, there are ways to get around this but that's beyond what you asked.

Satay Embed Method:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="Path/flashFileName.swf" width="yourWidth" height="yourHeight">
<param name="movie" value="Path/flashFileName.swf" />