is richtext control available in asp.net.where is the control.
how tio use it

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We have a a full-featured ASP.NET RichTextBox (CuteEditor from

If you are interested, please check the following link:


General demo:

DNN integration demo:

IbuySpy integration demo:

Rainbow portal integration demo:

Asp.net forums integration demo:



RichTextBox is in the .NET Framework, but only for Windows Forms, not for Web Forms. This is because ASP.NET renders HTML, and HTML doesn't contain a RichText element.

So your answer will be to buy a 3rd party control that will likely render as an ActiveX object.

i need a richtextbox control like the one i am typing now

create your own usercontrol or third party tools available.

create your own usercontrol or third party tools available.

i have already used free textbox control in my asp page. But still there is a problem while inserting the data in database. currently i am using OLEDB provider, but free textbox supports ODP(i.e., Oracle Data Provider). so how to save and retrieve my data using free textbox control with OLEDB provider and i am saving the content of the free textbox in a blob column.

I wish I knew the answer of Rajees.... I have the same question.

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