HI I downloaded a script that shows image of User`s IP and requires no DB they said in the read me to just upload it on a server .. but the thing is when I upload it shows many errors .... and I think it`s because i didn`t edit a fille counter.txt

When I opened the file counter.txt it was blank :-| .. and in the readme it`s said that :-

To install this script upload all of the files
to the same directory on your server.

CHMOD 777 counter.txt so that it can be written to,then call index.php in your browser.

Now what the hell is CHMOD 777 :rolleyes:


It is a linux / unix command.

chmod 777 filename

changes the permissions to be owner-group-world read-write-execute.

Look in the linux forums for more information. I have broken down the command in several posts.


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