Hi, there. I want to create a table by using PHP which'll get data from MySql DB and display it on a table. Sounds like easy, but.....I'd like the table to be like in Excel(i mean not using 'select forms', you just click on field and update it...), is it possible?? Help,plz!!

What do you mean by select forms ? If you don't want to use forms you can try this. http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3104.html
If you can use the form, then you can show the data retrieved by the database in a text field and a button at the end, which when clicked, updates the table with the values in these textboxes. :-/

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Could u send me a sample code how to do a lot of text fields that together forms a table, and can be editted with button as you wrote?



I don't have any sample code. You can check the above link from phpclasses and modify it to your needs.

hi this is nathen, i dont think without using forms by just clicking on a button you can't insert data into data base i think so