I am a PHP noob. I want a to create PHP pagination which will paginate a table. So every 3 rows would be a new page. I don't want to use MySWL (database) or JavaScript. But here is an example of what i want done in JavaScript: http://it.newinstance.it/2006/09/27/client-side-html-table-pagination-with-javascript/

Does anybody know how?

Since you are not using a database, where is your data coming from?

The data will be sitting on the page. So it will be plain HTML table sitting on the page.

Implement javascript code. Is there any problem?

I dont want to use JavaScript. I want it to be server side without a database

Create an array of array,


As i said im a PHP noob... SO basically i no nothing. Can you expand a little more?

Have a look at this link - Arrays

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