Hi all,

How can we open a flv file using the lightbox?I am using the following code

<a href="http://myurl.com/video/clock.flv" class="lightwindow">Link Name</a>

But the browser still downloads the file instead of showing it in lightbox.

One more thing...is it possible to display some text along with this video in the lightbox?

Can u please help me???
thanx in advance...

you cannot open FLV, Video or any HTML pages in lightbox,
you can try these UI dialog widgets

for required functionality




there are some more on web you may find by searching on google or other search

Tip: for FLV File you should use flash FLV Player (with swf ext.) to play FLV on web browser by calling that swf file into thickbox or GreyBox

Rahul Dev Katarey