Hi guys,

Firstly I am using Scriptaculous to implement the sortable list but have looked there and not been able to find any reason for this to be occurring.

I have a list of sortable items, there are 2 droppables enabled with
the list, 1 to delete it and the other to place a "linked" item in
another sortable list utilising a relational database.

This all works fine except for this bug:

When I add an item to the second list it goes there no problem and I
can sort that list, but as soon as i try to do anything with the first
list all the items in the list disappear. If I manually refresh the
page then they all appear again as normal.

Im using AJAX with my site as well and have a separate method and php
call to insert from 1 list to another.

Im not sure where I this bug might be, there is a lot of relevant code
so I figured id ask before posting it incase someone can assist where
the error might be or perhaps a bit more specific in terms of which
code I need to post.

Hope someone can help this has been driving me up the wall all
night! :)

Anyone got any idea's for this?

Here is a link to the site if you want to see the problem...

www.pelious.co.uk/noteaid/login.html - username guest3 p/w pass

To replicate the problem try adding a chunk to a page, then doing anything with the chunk list after and you will find it disappears.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Can post any code required just as im not sure which area is at fault here didnt want to simply post reams of code.