hi guys...

Can anyone gime some points on the drawbacks of using layered architecture...?? or when to go with layered arch. (BLL, DAL etc). Suppose we got a project .. say 150 hrs in total... do we need to go with layered one or go with conventional method of writing codes in the same page...? here the priority is the time factor..... n lets assume that there wont be any modification from the customer side... wats ur opinion....??


If time factor is the case then go ahead and do all of the code in the same page as the form, and you'll get it done fast. However after the first release of your code it will take twice the time to maintain the project and lead to a number of bugs. Every customer wants the project done yesterday, you cannot let their 'schedule' lead you to making bad decisions.

As for BLL,DAL,GUI that depends on the project and the company. The company where I works only uses MSSQL for data storage so we combine the BLL&DAL in one assembly, and the GUI in another. This allows for extensibility between form or asp applications, or multiple applications of either.

Take this with a grain of salt though, this is just like asking "what is the best way to...."; everyone has a different answer. You need to decide what is best for you as a company.

it is always better to go with layered architecture.