Hi Everyone,

New ASP.NET (C#) programmer here. Have a quick question that I'm sure you all will laugh at me for asking :)

I'm using a Master Page to control my site's pages. On the master page I have a User Control that consists of two Labels, one for success messages, one for error messages.

On each page, there are button to add/edit items. What I'm attempting to do is, using session variables, load a message into that User Control.

Now, this works just *fine* if I redirect to another page. For example. I add a new item, and on the newitem_onclick method, I load a success message into a session variable, then redirect to the item edit page. Bam, my message displays perfectly!!!

But....if I remain on the same page (such as when doing an update), the message does not display when I click the update button; I have to basically reload the page in order to see it.

I know it has something to do with the order in which the master page and other pages are loaded, but I'm stuck as to how to get around this. I know I can always do a Master.FindControl, but I don't want to do that at the top of all my pages (hence the reason I'm using a control).

Any ideas? My goal is to not have to add additional code to individual pages in order to get this to display messages all the time.


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