I am new to this place.
I am creating a website in which i need to answer queries from the clients. In the frontend the clients submit queries which reach my inbox. This is done.

Now i wish to generate a new query id for every query and write a response to each query.

For this i created a database in my sql. which will have columns for query id(auto generate), e mail address(i will copy and paste) of the person i am responding to, his name(copy and paste) and my response ( i will type). This is also done.

Now i want this response to show on a my website like www.response.xyz.com/query id
every query id should generate a new page so every response can only be viewed by the person who has got that link in his inbox .

I do not know how to generate a new page and create the unique link and to send it to the email address mentioned in the databse.

Can someone help me here?



You don't need to create a new page for every id, you just need to write HTTPhandler to handle this, this handler will redirect the requested page link to given page and you can use information in web URL to get query id like querystring and show user the result.
I suggest read about URL rewritting