i have some hyperlinks on a form.I have set the navigate url of all the hyperlinks to a single destination page("display.aspx")i.e.clicking on ne of the hyperlinks would take you to the same page "display.aspx"..
but based on which hyperlink i hav selected, accordingly values from database will be retrieved and will displayed in "display.aspx"..
for eg:
suppose i hav 3 hyperlinks say :
2)business analyst
3)software engineer

and if i click on programmer then accordingly query will be executed in the page load event of "display.aspx" and info abt programmer will be retrieved from database and displayed in a gridview.
plzz suggest some solution..


you can use query strings to achieve your functionality

)programmer =page.aspx?formid=1
2)business analyst=page.aspx?formid=2
3)software engineer=page.aspx?formid=3

and retrieve based on these query strings from database.

int i=int.parse(request.querystring["formid"].tostring());

but you should be beware of Cross-Site Scripting .