Hi ppl

I am developing website for my friend's very small resort, please see

this resort have 8 rooms in total and all rooms are of same type so every room is equally priced.

I just need code or logic to check availability of given no. of rooms on given check in and check out dates.

when somebody makes a reservation, details that go in reservation table is:
customer name
check-in date
check-out date
no. of rooms

Please help this is very critical as i will be integrating paypal also, so there should be no confusions...

thanks in advance

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You can execute following query to determine whether new reservation for any room is confilicting with existing reservation for that room.

select * from reservtable where '{$fromdate}' <= check_out_date and '{$todate}'>= check_out_date and room='{$roomno}'

if you find a solution please let me know
i am looking for the same thing
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Sorry to sound grouchy, but have you got anything yourself or do you expect some free work from scratch? If you post what you have, e.g. mysql queries/table structure/php code, I'd be happy to help.

Not Complate script, u must DB

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If I understand it correctly, it is not a coding problem but you want to now how you can check if a room is free or not.

I had the same problem with a holiday home rental system years ago and solved it this way. Create a table with 365 records in it. This table has the following fields: id, date, number.
At the start of the year the field number will be 8 for every record.

As a customer selects a start and end date you first check to see if the start date is in the future and before the end date. If so, the selection is valid. Now you need to check if there is a room available.
Select from the table everything where date => startdate and date < enddate. Use a loop to see if any number field is 0 (meaning - nothing available). But if nothing is 0, subtract 1 from number and store it in the table again. A fragment of your table might look like
2010-05-01 8 (all rooms still free)
2010-05-02 7 (one room booked)
2010-05-03 0 (all rooms booked)
2010-05-04 4 (some rooms still free)
and so on.

It is even better to check for free rooms before the new customer can make a selection and display a calendar like selection method for instance with green and red colors that show what is free and what is not.

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