I just replaced a bunch of tables with datagrids for the purpose of easier coding. The tables are all in <div> codes so they are hidden, using CSS, until a user clicks a link. I have one <div> that is not hidden. It shows when the page is first loaded.

Here's the weird part. I believe the lines from the datagrids are "peeking" through. The images I have in the <div> that is showing have lines through them now. They weren't there before. In the style of the image, I put an increase z-index hoping that would help. It didn't. Has anyone ever encountered this? Does anyone have a solution?

A picture is worth a thousand words so here is the site...Site


I just checked it in Firefox and I don't get the lines. Go figure.

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Figured it out. I had several <div> that were set to invisible on CSS but the default one was set to visible. I set them all to invisible then called the Javascript routine for making them visible in the body onLoad. Apparently making them invisible doesn't make EVERYTHING invisible in CSS (at least in IE).

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