If you are still using AVG anti-virus Version 7 and you're about to install the latest version in response to the threats about end of support for Version 7, be aware that there are a couple of problems:

  • In Vista, the install can have a problem if User Account Control is turned on (as it normally is). I turned it off and the install worked the secoind time around.
  • If you let it install the Linkscanner feature, it uses Port 80 and that prevents Apache from starting if you use EasyPHP (and probably the same if you use WAMP). You can run the AVG install again and that allows you to de-install Linkscanner and then EasyPHP works again.

I just wasted some time on this so I thought that I'd share the info.

nav33n commented: Thanks for sharing the info :) +10

AVG - lol
I prefer AVAST or even Nortons. Their the better options.

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