Hi i am sorry to bother you with such a simple issue.
Currently I am familar with using datagrids and displaying data from my tables that way. However i want to be able to display things like for intance products are on amazon/ebay. For example my database contains products name, desc, date of purcahse, picture etc and I can get them to display in a grid view but it just looks messy. Could anyone point me in the right direction to displaying data in such a way. Thanks


First keep in mind grid is used to display data in tabular format and you can control formatting for each and every cell and it's data to be displayed in table.

I think you should read more about formatting GridView and take help from designer.

And in case you want to display data in non tabular format use repeater control.


if you want to display data in tabular format you can go for
gridview /datagrid

if you want to custom format display you can go for

we can help more if you say what type of format you want.

Hi i think its a repeater i need.
I want to display the items (product name and image) which I know how to do using a datagrid in a table. However i would like each product to be displayed across the page, instead of having one per line which is what I get with a datagrid and I have no freedom of where abouts on the page the product is placed this way.

What i need is to be able to have seperate gridviews or listviews even though i want to select all products in this page.

Ie my datasource is select * from Products

thanks for your reply. i am familar with using a gridview like such.
what i want is to popular a form with the values of a selected item.