Hi, I am fit to be tied here. I have a page that feeds information into a new page. I have it put the information into a label. This works great.

<asp:Label ID="lblItems" runat="server">
                if PreviousPage IsNot Nothing then
                    dim SourceLabel as Label			             dim strMsg as string
                    SourceLabel= PreviousPage.FindControl("lblItems")
                    strMsg = SourceLabel.text
                end if

Now, here's my dilemma. I have a form for the user to fill out that will send an email. I am trying to include the information from the label in the email but it is getting nothing.

strtext = strtext & "<b>Items Requested</b><br><br>" & lblItems.text

I've been hunting the web looking but I can't see any solutions. One I found said to use a textbox but when I do that I get an error because it doesn't like the vb code embedded in the text box.

Thanks for any assistance.

I hate it when I post just before having a "DUH" moment. I moved the code into the page header and set it to say

lblItems.text = strmsg

Then it worked perfect!