Hello everyone,

i'm an IT student (first year) and i've received a task to make a website for my school (fictional ofcourse).
Now i have an idea on how to make it,but after asking my teacher, he said i cant use iFrames but have to use AJAX instead. The code i'm looking for would be one to open a page into a specified <DIV> element without refreshing my entire page. I would hereby like to request a code for this from one of you more experienced coders :)

Thanks at forehand

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I hope you are not holding your breath as you wait, since homework help is generally only given to those who demonstrate some effort.

These are not "code by request" forums. Post your code and state what problems you are having or ask specific questions about concepts you do not understand.


Hmm,i dont want to give you the impression that i'm asking you people to do my homework, my problem is that i can't script in AJAX yet, and i'm just requesting a simple script for my problem (or a link to one). The site is supposed to be in XHTML and JavaScript,what i do know, i just wanted something extra for it and hoped i could get some help here.

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