Hello all,

I know this is not a question related to some asp.net error but posting it in here because of the hope that people who are working in asp.net might be able to answer my problem.

I attended a technical phone interview few weeks back and today got a call from HR saying that, i am not selected. He added, the screener mentioned that i dont have depth in my technical areas. :(

It turned out really awful to me as, i remember what he asked were really very simple questions and i answered all of them correctly. After the interview i checked for the answers and found them correct. :(

Can anyone just let me know .. what might have gone wrong!? Also can someone just give us guidelines on how to answer technical questions in a phone interview?


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dont worry about it, sometimes they just dont have any logical reasoning to why you are not selected, so they just say you are not eligible. it happened to me too, they had me create a very simple vb.net windows forms application, and they just say they wanted to go with another person. I face such things in every aspect of life, i learned two lessons, dont take everyone seriously, and dont be discouraged nomatter what. Before coming USA i went to one of the most popular and trusted international education agency to come to USA for internship or traineeship program, that mada f... said that i couldnt be eligible and in USA at that time even the computer engineers were jobless. I almost believed her and smoked one package of cigarette that day(now i dont smoke, if you are in turkey, you have to smoke, you can not stand turkish people unless you smoke), however, i didnt let her discourage me, and now i am in a very big software company in Florida as an application developer, and it took me only a mount to find this job(i am not being arrogant, i just want to say, just be proactive). By the way, that education agency was - maybe is http://www.alternatifecs.com/, as a feedback to all hopeless people, just believe in you, you are the center of power.

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