Ok, look im off to bed now but il have a look at this first thing in the morning. Im sure I can pass on the working system by tomorow 12pm :D

Get some sleep and thanks for posting

commented: he helped me alot +1

thnx alot ..........and nice dreams ..:D


I decided to have a go before going to sleep :D

All is working nicely and i've added a few peices of my own.
There are still a few problems with your forum but there small and you should have a go at finding whats gone wrong.

Im posting the new pages bellow. Have a look through and be sure to read the comments on the connection.php. Its quite important.

I beleive the login script which is the reason for you posting this is working absolutely fine, and is updating correctly.
If you have any more problems dont hesitate to mail me on here. I have the code on my computer so I can help straight away.

Also, if you have trouble with the forum just drop me a note.

Hope all this helps

Have I helped? Add to my repluation :)

thnx alot designer_101 ,,it works very good ...how can i add a reputation to u? and i still have a small problem .....a delete quey is not working ..it dosen't give me errors nor delete the selected row ...it's in the delete.php .....and send for me the link to add a reputation for u ...thnx alor

thnx alot designer_101 ............reputation added :D ...i did not see the link .........i'm quit nuts these days .....because of exams :S


Thanks for adding :)
Yeh, i'm only 15 so i've got my exams too :(

But anywho, i'l have a look at the code when I get home and get your delete query working. If its something that needs urgently doing in the next few hours make a new topic and post your query. someone will help you :)

Thanks again

not soo urgent .......when u have time ....do it for me ....and thnx for help

Ok. Il have a go at it now. I'm back home
Il go through your whole system and make sure its all working.


Here is your system fully working with the new delete function and working 'current online users' function.

All you need to do to complete it is the update page. Like before, if you need any help. Just ask, I already have the code, just give me something to work with so I dont have to create the whole thing myself. You know your code better :)

Hope this helps

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thank you very much .......i'l close mark as solved ....and if i need annything else i will make another topic ......thnx again