Hi all,
I am newbie for JSP.i want to create a simple website which provide search function from Database(MySQL). I downloaded Apache Tomcat ,MySQL and JDK 6 Update 12 with Java EE.Who can tell me how to setup this simple website ?
Thank You! :-)

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Simple website is hardly a description of what you want to do. What about providing some extra info on your content for this website?


Hi peter,
My website provide user to key in word to search some picture from my database.Examples, my database got picture flowers, cars, cats, dogs and monkey.So when user type in the word flower, it will display flower .
Thank you! :)


You may consider to have look on this article JSP database connectivity according to Model View Controller (MVC) Model 2 . Idea is fairly similar instead of passing a word to search in database you pass login details. Depending on certain factors the user account is either found or not found which make out for the first redirection (same as if the searched word was not matching with any image tag/description), secondly if account found depending on group to which account belongs appropriate page is showed ( so in case of flower you may provide automated link-queries to sub groups like rose, tulip etc. and still show few images). So this the general idea...

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