hello friends!!

Can anyone of you help me know how to make the members of my forum send private messages to each other? I am building a discussion forum for my college students. You can take me as a novice in the field of Asp.net. I am using Sql server 2000.

Waiting for any helping replies.


You can use outlook to send mails using asp.net as follows

<a href='mailto:<%#DataBinder.Eval(Container,"DataItem.EMAILID")%>'>

Hi greeny

It was really nice of you to respond. But my task is not to let the members send mails to each other. What I want is that they should be able to send private messages to each other within the forum and not by using any mail messenger like outlook. :)

The point is not sending, but viewing the messages. The messages for a user should carry some information about the receiver. Most probably the


provider key. Check for authenticated user and load only the messages for this user. Use


property. If no user has been logged in the Name property is empty. Otherwise it contains the logon name of a person. Use it to get its corresponding


provider key and load corresponding messages. Note: set

<authentication mode="Forms">

in your web.config.

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Hi achristov.

I will try to follow the steps and see if it works.
I have got the point you are trying to make here. Once I do the practical I will let you know.
Thanks for the help.

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