Hi to all,

I integrated the supercali calendar to my office intranet application using a iframe. I also changed the meta attributes and made sure it is not cached. Still my boss does not find the events or calendar items, instead gets a blank calendar.

I tried even the frame url to be dynamic with random parameter appended but nothing seems working.

Observation: In my lappy, i checked in all browsers and it works fantastic. Also , I checked in other PC's in office. Again I dont get the issue.

I am not exactly knowing what could be issue and what else could be used to resolve this. I request experts here some pointers on this.

Thanks and Regards


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some times some of the function or class may locate on our system and it worked well but on other system it didnt fine any function and make issue. Have you checked in all the browsers on other systems?


Hi BzzBee,

Yes, I checked in all machines in the office. Only in his I find the trouble and his system and browser versions are earlier ones. Should I suggest an upgrade?

I am using linux machine and I checked in Firefox, Flock and IE version of linux. I also checked in all the browsers in Windows OS that is other machines. My Senior also is using FF. so what is the real issue i dont understand especially since on my requests after some trial and error , he does review in his IE also. :(

Thanks for your consideration and pointer.


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