I included a file in one of my sites via an iframe (simplest solution and by FAR not permanent), just to get a feel for the way it might look on the site

However, after adding the iframe to the site, i have no other data, the page is saved as php, just jumped out of php to add the iframe (doing so in php makes no differance)

But the page is black for all BUT the iframe, any help would be appreciated and i am puzzled :-/

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">setTimeout("location.reload();",1000);</script>

echo date("l F d, Y, h:i:s");


that a much more basic webpage, this webpage shows nothing as well, all it is supposed to do is show the i frame, and echo the date / time

it will not echo the date / time, only display the iframe :-/

its prolly something stupid :P

That code works perfectly for me so perhaps it's the html code on the main page used to include the iframe. The code I used to include the iframe is as follows:

<iframe src='frame.php' width=300 height=30>Iframe Not supported</iframe>

Also if you want to know what language to do the proper vision in I would suggest pure javascript and a div tag because every second a javascript function could update the contents of what is inside the div tag using basic maths.

like cwarn suggested, try using JS to call the iframe, , then display the php date.
if you need more help, please paste your code from the main page and the iframe.