I am wondering if anyone here has ever attempted to connect to the oracle 10g xe database from visual web developer? I have been trying to do this all day, however it is starting to get really irratating! I have downloaded the oracle dataacess dll, and imported it into my application, however I am not sure what to enter as the server name when using the configure data source wizard in VWD. Anyone any ideas?

I have tried using XE, and username/password as hr/hr, however I am getting the error "TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified".

I am starting to doubt if it is actually possible to connect to this database using oracle xe. Any ideas at all would be most appreciated!




Hopefully you have solved the problem in 3 months (Google found your post). This is what I figured out today - maybe it will help you or someone else:
* In the Start Menu click:
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition=>Go To Database Home Page
* Log in (hr worked for me).
* Click the Administration icon.
* Click the About Database icon. This made me login as "system".
* Check the CGI Environment checkbox.
* Click Go.
* Under the CGI Environment heading, use the value of PLSQL_GATEWAY. This is "WebDb" on my computer.

I managed to trade an unresolved identifier error for a timeout error, but I suspect I'm making progress. I may have disabled too many Oracle services for the sake of security.


If you are trying to connect through ASP.NET or C#, then you should be able to connect it using OleDBConnection with the MSDAOSA provider.

Add a reference of System.Data.OracleClient.DLL into your application.
>TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified.
It's name of server (listener) - Try name of computer.