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I want to know that how I can determine that User has logged first time in my website, so that I can force him/her to change his/her password, which is assigned by the Administrator. I have tried to keep Session variable in the Global.asax file to maintain login information but it do not solve my problem. Is it has other option to get solution?


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if you use a field for "lastlogin" that includes a date, then when a user register's leave it null or put a bs value (0000-00-00) and if it equals that, then have it alert the user to change their password. Otherwise, without any logs or special fields, you can only rely on cookies which is very unreliable in this manner.


i agread with SheSaid, that would work. Otherwise, you could create a record flag that has an int value of 0 or 1. If the database record is at 0, then it's first time log-in... if it's a 1, then they have logged in before. After the password is updated, update the record flag at the same time.


but that would require a useless field. User's like to see the last time they logged in, or how many times they have logged in, anything that is useful for the user is the best bet. Otherwise, create a dummy column for an int as ercstenson said, or use a field for the user like last login or login counts.


Thanks to both SheSaidImaPregy and ercstenson for their kind help. This is the very simple solution of my problem.

Thanks again.

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