I need to make a family tree. But i don't know how to make make it.
I asked someone and done some searching in Google.
I found three ways as follows

1. Using Database (foreign key to represent relation ship)
2. Using XML to store the data.
3. Using binary tree.

But the problem is I am not familiar with any of the above.
Please suggest me the easiest way to this. Also I need to make the list dynamic.
Also any new method which is simpler than the above.

Thanks in advance,

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Actually, 1 and 3 would be combined since the database would be the store for the binary tree. A binary tree works like this

        /   \
       B     C
      / \   / \
     D  E  F   G

Where each letter represents a node. Each node has a parent save the top node (A), also called the root. Any node that has a parent but doesn't have children is called a leaf. (In CS trees are upside down if you didn't notice)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary Tree



Before you do anything else, research "GEDCOM" a well supported genealogical/family tree data storage/transmission format. As I understand it, t's pretty well the international standard.

You will find a number GEDCOM-compatible applications out there, for data entry and viewing.


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Thankyou, something my ladylove has been looking for for ever

Thanks I will check GEDCOM as recommended by Mr. Airshow.
Can I use the tree view in GEDCOM to my web page.
I just got a GEDCOM application.

Also I think I cannot use Binary Tree in my case as parents may have more than two children.

Thanks Mr. Airshow and Mr. ShawnCplus

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