Hello guys!

Anyone who has an idea of integarting a bar code reader to a inventory system.
The function is to read the bar code and this will serve as an input to the system.
Any suggestion are very much welcome.
thank you!

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What are you asking exactly? Do you want to control device from php? Your best route would probably be to use a desktop application take gets the barcode reader data, then connects to a db to retrieve or store necessary information. Then on the web site of the inventory system any data you would need will be in the db.

I see. By the way, anyone knows a desktop application to use in getting information using a barcode reader?

I am using Php and MySQL for my inventory system.


hi if it is a reader connected to the keyboard port(PS/2) then
without any drivers, you can use it directly, just place the curson on the text box of the web page and read the code using barcode reader, at last it will sent Enter(13) key also...

Through old thread. But recently I am doing barcode reading work. I also would like to share what I know here. I am using this barcode reader sdk in my work. It supports to more than 20 linear and 2D barcode types. Exellent one. Share it with you.

I am using barcode in prestashop php method. plz help me.

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