Hello everyone!

Anyone has an idea of reading barcode using a handheld scanner attached to computer. Data being read from the barcode image will be displayed in text area.
Any reference you can give is very much apprecciated.

Thank you very much.


Many (maybe most) commercially available barcode readers come ready to connect to a PC, with software, to do exactly what you describe.

No need to write complex code yourself, but you may need to get an expert in to integrate the device with other application software (Sage or SAP or whatever).

Check oput the product descriptions here for example.


This is interface in my web application and I am using PHP script. I need this work myself without asking an expert for a specific brand. :(
Please help. The bar code scanner / reader brand is Opticon 3201.


The bar code scanner / reader brand is Opticon 3201.

I took a quick look on Opticon's site. Under Support, I there are a couple of Software Developers' Kits (SDKs) but neither appears to address the 3201. But please check for yourself, as I may be wrong - it was a very quick look.

Clearly the 3201 is designed to plug into something as it says it "enables quick connection via RS232C, keyboard wedge, or USB"

Maybe you could try placing a support request with Opticon.

Good luck.