Hi All,
I am extremley mad right now. I had a desktop machine and installed Win2k3 and put SQL server and IIS on it. It ran perfectly but just slow. So I managed to buy a new beast. It's really sweet and was in the process of migrating over. I installed sql, iis, and all the goodies that went with it. Then I was going to create a new website in VS 2005 and it came up with this error.

The Web server does not appear to have the Frontpage server extensions installed.

Okay no problem so I pull up google.
Let me think..I type in "frontpage server extensions download", first link a MS link. Yeah I thought I was in businuess here. Get ready to download and boom a page comes up saying the file you requested not found. A broken link from MS? go figure. So I am still searching around when I came accross this website.


How in the heck(replace bad word here) do you expect ME to use ASP.Net without freaking(replace bad word here) if I can't even download the &^!@ to get my ASP page running.

I mean did I miss something that is a replacement for FPSE2002, is there a work around. I mean what the heck.

So if anybody knows something I don't please tell me. Or is there a work around?..anything would be kind.

Here is also the irony....I downloaded them when I was setting up the IIS on the first machine(2 yr ago). I saw the file and even deleted it thinking, "I can just redownload it again if I ever need it". Wrong.....:mad:

Well I was so angry that I went ahead and downloaded the x64 versions. The only version MS still had for download. Well it had one error but said it installed successfully. So was like what the heck. Gave it a go and it did the job.

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