Sorry about the possibly misleading title. Here's what I need to do:

I'm producing a downloadable web app that users can load to their own php/MySQL enabled sites. It pretty much installs some tables into their DB and produces some pages to administer high school coursework marks (I won't go into details). I have a sidebar on the app homepage which lists various links, but would like to include an 'Updates' section so that if the version is 'old' a message will appear in the section and will produce a number of links, text paragraphs, icons etc.

I assume dynamic data on my server (where the update info will be housed) cannot be accessed. I don't think that the 'include' command will allow crossdomain access. Anybody have any ideas?

Much appreciated.

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fopen_wrappers has to be enabled in order to use file_get_contents with a URL. This may not be the case on some servers, in which case you may need a local php.ini file to enable it.


Thanks both - I think I'll go with the get_file_contents - didn't think that would work, but I'll give it a whirl. That could be a really neat solution.

Just tried it and it worked a treat! Cheers AB.

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