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i need to know WHERE to put some code for a button to submit some data captured then transfer to an access database.

any help would be gratefull

hi ,
i really need help i have created two pages first is Where User will create there user id and password ,also they will make payments to subscribe to our services, once they are done with payment and if it get accepted by paypall and they will be generated a userid and password which is actually what they just created for themselves. my question is if its possible ? do i have to email them password and userid. ? if the first option is true how can i do this. I have rented Sqlserver 2000 i mean some spcae created a tabel. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!many thanx in advance.
Thank You.

This is not something you are going to learn overnight my friend!

You are going to need to study ASP.NET to learn how to get the data from the user form, authentication methods and cookies etc..

You are going to need to study SSL to learn how to retreive data SECURELY from the user (you mention payments)

You are going to need to study Webservices to process the payment (I advise finding a host that does this for you, I use

You are going to need to study ADO.NET to put the data in/get data from your database.

You don't need to send the password in the email but you will want to send a URL with a GUID in the query string for them to click that you saved earlier against their created account in your DB.

You need to study the System.Web.Mail namespace in .NET to learn how to send email with .NET