i have a page that generates asp code as text.

this all works well, but i need the same page to take the generated code and use it as asp again. is this even possible?

<% VARdate = "date()"
' now to use the VARdate
response.write(VARdate) %>

this is just an example. the code im working with checks to see what tables are available from a mysql database, runs an explain on them (to see what columns there are) then it runs a recordset outputing the data of those columns.

im trying to create a way of backing up a database with JUST asp.

if i could only get asp to read code thats in "text" as asp code, im sure it would work. cause if i take the generated code on IE. place it in an asp document it works fine.

PLEASE SAY ITS POSSIBLE and how to go about it

There are two ways to go about this, if I understand what you are trying to do correctly.

The first would be to create a file from the generated 'text', and save it as an asp file. That code in that file could then be included/executed from a subsequent page.

The second, and probably cleaner method, is to use the variables created in the 'text' in later code. A simple combination of check routines and loops should do the trick.

"A simple combination of check routines and loops should do the trick."

how????? ive started with the generate asp pages of code then execute but idealy i want it to out pu the whole thing to a text file so that goes out the window.

basicaly i want a asp variable thats in text
var = "date()" to be later on read as date(), asp code, this is just an example

I think i know the solution for you.

Try using the Server.Execute method.


VARdate = "date()"

' now to use the VARdate
response.write(Server.Execute(VARdate)) %>

server.execute doesnt work. what does work (compliments of "vbs in a nutshell") is

dim S
S = "sub Proc2 : "
S = S & "dim x : "
S = S & "x = 10 : "
S = S & "MsgBox x : "
S = S & "End Sub "

Execute S

as i understand it executing "s" only uses the code that "s" is linked to, the variable "s" does nothing. once you have executed then you still have to do something with it. in this case call the sub.

i havent tried this in my case yet, havent had the time yet. will do so soon i hope.

Sorry my bad... "Execute" is what i meant to say, not "Server.Execute". I posted really late and was really tired. I just wasnt thinking very clear :s