i want to collect value from a website e.g called www.buygoods.com pass the value to my secure and process the transaction and send the the value back to the destination website. Pls how can i get this done, I try using query string to redirect to the my server but the value was not pass along it.
I use response.redirect("http//:www.buygoods.com/buy?email"+me.txtemail)

and the destination webpage

No value was pass across pls help me figure out what to do and solution to pass value accross website. Thanks

Are you using URL mapping and if not
you need to send the page name

and retrieve it as
string str=request.QueryString["email"];

change the line to response.redirect("http//:www.buygoods.com/buy?email="+me.txtemail) And check the destination page addressbar that email contains the value.

But never try to pass secured info cause query string is not safe. To pass secure info you can try with form submit.