am developing a website in vs 2008 my website is almost done but the problem am facin is that am using winzip for unzipping the folders that is uploaded my user ,if i run the website in localmachine(in server itself) i am able to invoke the winip exe and it is getting unzipped but if i access this website site in remote machine and try uploading zipped files from remote machine and at the server side unzipping is not happening

i dnt know why is it so , can any boby help me out

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First of all might I suggest you use windows explorer to zip and unzip files - but that's another topic.

It might be something to do with the permissions your website is running under. In IIS, a web site will usually run under the IIS_ASPNET account (or something like that). The problem is this account has very limited permissions. What you probably need to do impersonate a user who has sufficient authorities to not only run but create the file. Just google asp.net impersonation and you should be fine.

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