alright im trying to make my content containers drag and drop / sortable on my users pages so they can move there content containers around with using javascript and then they can save it in to the users pages Database so every time they come to that page the site will print it out how they chose the containers to be arranged in the page and instead of hitting a save button i want it to save on move. this is so my users can be happy with how every thing on the pages placed but i can seem to figure it out can i get some help on how to start out also each containers is a template file and im using smarty to open them in to the page

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yes but i have looked for drop and drag able but i am trying to figure out how i should put it in by database so the php can read it and print it out and also how should i go about going to make each container print out in php by making reading the database i tried several time to do this i need this for most of my website but i need it to work only for my users im just trying to figure it out should i make a row for each container with a spot number or should make a column for each container with id, user_id, container name, container name etc. cuzz there are going to be 6 - 12 containers in my users pages so they can arrange how ever they like it i want it to be kind of similar to myyearbooks.com sortable containers on there users home page i am just asking for a start on how to do this. not y'all do it for me im just asking for ideas on how thanks

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