hi Does anyone here know how to make a table with html and make it so that people can sort the diferent colums of info, in php and SQL

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Sure do,

What you need to do is the following:
1) Create a list of all of the attributes of your mysql table you would like to sort the table by.
2) Organize these into a switch statement at the top of your page in php, eg:

$sortby = intval($_GET['sort']);
switch ($sortby)
   case 1:
          $sqlExtra = "ORDER BY name ASC";
   case 2:
          $sqlExtra = "ORDER BY name DESC";
  //etc with the rest of the attributes

And then, after the switch statement append the $sqlExtra to your sql statement, eg:

$sql = "SELECT values FROM table ".$sqlExtra;

3) Now all you need is a bunch of links above or below or wherever relative to your table which must link back to this page but with a $_GET[] variable specified for 'sort', eg:

<a href="thispage.php?sort=1">Sort by name (A-Z)</a>
<a href="thispage.php?sort=2">Sort by name (Z-A)</a>

Good luck


Amost forgot, dont forget to initialize $sqlExtra to nothing above your switch statement and don't forget to include a default case.
Just ask if you need help again.


hi here is the attachment in javascript and to make html sortable just add class="sortable" to table u want sorting
and for td u don`t wanna sort just add class="sorttable_nosort"
and include this javascript file
since it is in javascript page will not get refreshed

  version 2
  7th April 2007
  Stuart Langridge, http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/
  Download this file
  Add <script src="sorttable.js"></script> to your HTML
  Add class="sortable" to any table you'd like to make sortable
  Click on the headers to sort
  Thanks to many, many people for contributions and suggestions.
  Licenced as X11: http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/licence.html
  This basically means: do what you want with it.

var stIsIE = /*@cc_on!@*/false;

sorttable = {
  init: function() {
    // quit if this function has already been called
    if (arguments.callee.done) return;
    // flag this function so we don't do the same thing twice
    arguments.callee.done = true;
    // kill the timer
    if (_timer) clearInterval(_timer);
    if (!document.createElement || !document.getElementsByTagName) return;
    sorttable.DATE_RE = /^(\d\d?)[\/\.-](\d\d?)[\/\.-]((\d\d)?\d\d)$/;
    forEach(document.getElementsByTagName('table'), function(table) {
      if (table.className.search(/\bsortable\b/) != -1) {
  makeSortable: function(table) {
    if (table.getElementsByTagName('thead').length == 0) {
      // table doesn't have a tHead. Since it should have, create one and
      // put the first table row in it.
      the = document.createElement('thead');
    // Safari doesn't support table.tHead, sigh
    if (table.tHead == null) table.tHead = table.getElementsByTagName('thead')[0];
    if (table.tHead.rows.length != 1) return; // can't cope with two header rows
    // Sorttable v1 put rows with a class of "sortbottom" at the bottom (as
    // "total" rows, for example). This is B&R, since what you're supposed
    // to do is put them in a tfoot. So, if there are sortbottom rows,
    // for backwards compatibility, move them to tfoot (creating it if needed).
    sortbottomrows = [];
    for (var i=0; i<table.rows.length; i++) {
      if (table.rows[i].className.search(/\bsortbottom\b/) != -1) {
        sortbottomrows[sortbottomrows.length] = table.rows[i];
    if (sortbottomrows) {
      if (table.tFoot == null) {
        // table doesn't have a tfoot. Create one.
        tfo = document.createElement('tfoot');
      for (var i=0; i<sortbottomrows.length; i++) {
      delete sortbottomrows;
    // work through each column and calculate its type
    headrow = table.tHead.rows[0].cells;
    for (var i=0; i<headrow.length; i++) {
      // manually override the type with a sorttable_type attribute
      if (!headrow[i].className.match(/\bsorttable_nosort\b/)) { // skip this col
        mtch = headrow[i].className.match(/\bsorttable_([a-z0-9]+)\b/);
        if (mtch) { override = mtch[1]; }
	      if (mtch && typeof sorttable["sort_"+override] == 'function') {
	        headrow[i].sorttable_sortfunction = sorttable["sort_"+override];
	      } else {
	        headrow[i].sorttable_sortfunction = sorttable.guessType(table,i);
	      // make it clickable to sort
	      headrow[i].sorttable_columnindex = i;
	      headrow[i].sorttable_tbody = table.tBodies[0];
	      dean_addEvent(headrow[i],"click", function(e) {

          if (this.className.search(/\bsorttable_sorted\b/) != -1) {
            // if we're already sorted by this column, just 
            // reverse the table, which is quicker
            this.className = this.className.replace('sorttable_sorted',
            sortrevind = document.createElement('span');
            sortrevind.id = "sorttable_sortrevind";
            sortrevind.innerHTML = stIsIE ? '&nbsp<font face="webdings">3</font>' : '<font size=2><strong>&nbsp;&#x25B4;</strong></font>';
          if (this.className.search(/\bsorttable_sorted_reverse\b/) != -1) {
            // if we're already sorted by this column in reverse, just 
            // re-reverse the table, which is quicker
            this.className = this.className.replace('sorttable_sorted_reverse',
            sortfwdind = document.createElement('span');
            sortfwdind.id = "sorttable_sortfwdind";
            sortfwdind.innerHTML = stIsIE ? '&nbsp<font face="webdings">3</font>' : '<font size=2><strong>&nbsp;&#x25BE;</strong></font>';
          // remove sorttable_sorted classes
          theadrow = this.parentNode;
          forEach(theadrow.childNodes, function(cell) {
            if (cell.nodeType == 1) { // an element
              cell.className = cell.className.replace('sorttable_sorted_reverse','');
              cell.className = cell.className.replace('sorttable_sorted','');
          sortfwdind = document.getElementById('sorttable_sortfwdind');
          if (sortfwdind) { sortfwdind.parentNode.removeChild(sortfwdind); }
          sortrevind = document.getElementById('sorttable_sortrevind');
          if (sortrevind) { sortrevind.parentNode.removeChild(sortrevind); }
          this.className += ' sorttable_sorted';
          sortfwdind = document.createElement('span');
          sortfwdind.id = "sorttable_sortfwdind";
          sortfwdind.innerHTML = stIsIE ? '&nbsp<font face="webdings">3</font>' : '<font size=2><strong>&nbsp;&#x25BE;</strong></font>';

	        // build an array to sort. This is a Schwartzian transform thing,
	        // i.e., we "decorate" each row with the actual sort key,
	        // sort based on the sort keys, and then put the rows back in order
	        // which is a lot faster because you only do getInnerText once per row
	        row_array = [];
	        col = this.sorttable_columnindex;
	        rows = this.sorttable_tbody.rows;
	        for (var j=0; j<rows.length; j++) {
	          row_array[row_array.length] = [sorttable.getInnerText(rows[j].cells[col]), rows[j]];
	        /* If you want a stable sort, uncomment the following line */
	        //sorttable.shaker_sort(row_array, this.sorttable_sortfunction);
	        /* and comment out this one */
	        tb = this.sorttable_tbody;
	        for (var j=0; j<row_array.length; j++) {
	        delete row_array;
  guessType: function(table, column) {
    // guess the type of a column based on its first non-blank row
    sortfn = sorttable.sort_alpha;
    for (var i=0; i<table.tBodies[0].rows.length; i++) {
      text = sorttable.getInnerText(table.tBodies[0].rows[i].cells[column]);
      if (text != '') {
        if (text.match(/^-?[$]?[\d,.]+%?$/)) {
          return sorttable.sort_numeric;
        // check for a date: dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy 
        // can have / or . or - as separator
        // can be mm/dd as well
        possdate = text.match(sorttable.DATE_RE)
        if (possdate) {
          // looks like a date
          first = parseInt(possdate[1]);
          second = parseInt(possdate[2]);
          if (first > 12) {
            // definitely dd/mm
            return sorttable.sort_ddmm;
          } else if (second > 12) {
            return sorttable.sort_mmdd;
          } else {
            // looks like a date, but we can't tell which, so assume
            // that it's dd/mm (English imperialism!) and keep looking
            sortfn = sorttable.sort_ddmm;
    return sortfn;
  getInnerText: function(node) {
    // gets the text we want to use for sorting for a cell.
    // strips leading and trailing whitespace.
    // this is *not* a generic getInnerText function; it's special to sorttable.
    // for example, you can override the cell text with a customkey attribute.
    // it also gets .value for <input> fields.
    hasInputs = (typeof node.getElementsByTagName == 'function') &&
    if (node.getAttribute("sorttable_customkey") != null) {
      return node.getAttribute("sorttable_customkey");
    else if (typeof node.textContent != 'undefined' && !hasInputs) {
      return node.textContent.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
    else if (typeof node.innerText != 'undefined' && !hasInputs) {
      return node.innerText.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
    else if (typeof node.text != 'undefined' && !hasInputs) {
      return node.text.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
    else {
      switch (node.nodeType) {
        case 3:
          if (node.nodeName.toLowerCase() == 'input') {
            return node.value.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
        case 4:
          return node.nodeValue.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
        case 1:
        case 11:
          var innerText = '';
          for (var i = 0; i < node.childNodes.length; i++) {
            innerText += sorttable.getInnerText(node.childNodes[i]);
          return innerText.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');
          return '';
  reverse: function(tbody) {
    // reverse the rows in a tbody
    newrows = [];
    for (var i=0; i<tbody.rows.length; i++) {

try using jquery for sortable table and pagination and use some ajax commands so your users don't have to refresh the page every time the user the sort functions the jquery can call up a external php file with the sql access to make it easier for your users


I am trying to implement pagination to the rows in my table. Can the sorting still be done using javascript on the table with pages (using a .js file like posted here above for example)?

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