Hi Guys,

I have a problem in uploading images on the server. I have tried on my localhost and its works fine, but when I upload on the server then file uploading doesn't work fine,file is not saving in the sarabase as well.

Please help me in this , thank you.

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

I have checked the server's image folder peormission it has 0777. is it ok?

Picture uploading is still not working. Please help.

take care.


In your code change this line $HTTP_POST_FILES['image']['name'] to $_FILES['image']['name'] ..
Or check your folder path..
or post your required code...


I give you 99 out of a 100 that this is a permission problem on the temporary folder or final folder in which you are storing the uploaded files. Both folders must be writeable by "others". You can fix it by adding write permissions for others, with your ftp client, or else go to the shell and do "chmod o+x yourfolder".

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