i just installed wamp server then php version 5.2.6
but when i start the wamp server services and select the phpmyadmin option, a page with the error
'phpMyAdmin - Error
Cannot load mysqli extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation'
p what can i do to fix it? i need it up n running like ...yesterday. im behind on a deadline...heelp

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First off check your PHP.INI file. Normally found in the folder PHP which is normally created when you download PHP. In here will be this line


Make sure that there is not a ; before this line.

you should have on your computer a folder named PHP. In this folder will be another folder called EXTENSIONS and in here there should be the DLL file.

I hope that this helps but if not then fingers crossed a proper server chap comes along and can help.


I am getting this same error, but not on a new install, it just started happening and I did what you suggested even before googling for this problem and finding this page

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