hello i am wondering how i can go about making links similar myspace where i can give users a custom link where the do not have to type in my whole dynamic link like


instead i want it to look like this


that will forward them to the proper users profile page so they can have a short link of there own so the do not have to write the whole dynamic link i would really link to know how to do this i think it as something to do with .htaccess Rewrite Rules but i dont know that much about htaccess and i can find a much on it ether but o i have just been looking around trying out how to figure it out myself but this is not simple and i usually want to but hey nobody's perfect

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yes i have already read that and i already know all of this i am trying to be able to user the custom user url to go to the proper users profile page i know how to make dynamic links it is rather easy im just trying to have an add on url the existing dynamic link so when they type in


it will forward them to


so it take the to the proper url the is considered the users short url and each user will have there own and they can choose it them self instead of it being auto generated dynamically but when the users account get deleted the short url gets deleted too so there is a gain in room for other user to use it if they wont but i have to figure out how to go about twitter also dose this to but i don't like twitter at all so if you can give me a little help with this problem

you can do all this through .htaccess file

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