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google for css dropdown menu vertical
it is just a css formatted <ul><li></li></ul>
the contents of the <li> are the links or a submenu of another <ul>
the css for the mouseover effects is something like

ul.li {margin:10px;}
ul.li:hover { margin-left:20px;}
ul.li.a:hover { margin-left:20px; background:eeeeee;}

Thanks almostbob,

I found the way of displaying the menu, but still looking for the effect when you mosehover the items in the menu, help please :)

Thanks in advance


Moreover, I want the menu to be opened in the same place, not horizontally not vertically, you will understand my point if you opened the below site and try to navigate the menu



Thanks again almostbob, you are my hero :D

I found 1 menu with a style closer to the one I'm looking for


But the difference between this menu style & the one I'm looking for is that this menu style when a main menu item is clicked, its expanding the whole menu, I'm looking for a style where its opening the clicked main menu items with its sub menu items and hiding the other main menu items

Also how can I limit the menu to display i.e. 10 menu items at a time with a MORE link, and when the MORE link is clicked, another 10 menu items are showing with MORE link and BACK link? because If I want this menu to display Car models links, I will not display 100+ links at a time.

Regards and thanks in advance ('',)

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