Dear all .Netters,

I develop intranet application using ASP.Net 2.0 with VB language.
I have some modules that necesarry send messages to users.
Currently, my Bulletin Board shows pop up windows if there are messages to users.
It reads SQL Server table every 5 minutes using Web Service.

For others modules (GA-Payment, User ID Maintain),
I have planned to use Net Send function that provides by SQL Server with activating Job Schedule.
But i hesitant, if it could decrase my SQL Server or my Server performance.

So, do you have experiences how to send message to users with ASP.Net ?

Thanks and Regards,


Now are you sending messages to all users at once? or only selected users? Also do you want a windows dialog with popup message or an HTML popup page?

If Iam getting your requirement then are you trying to show the popup even when the app is not running? If yes then in that case you can create a service to pool and display the messages on the client. In this case you have to distribute a light client utility for this purpose.

Using ASP.Net, i use HTML Popup page. Using SQL Server i use Windows PopUp Message.
BTW, how to create Service pool as you mention above ?

There are 2 ways to create a windows service.
Method 1: You can create a simple .NET application and write you login inside that app. And then use the srvany utilituyand convert your .NET exe into a windows Service. You can download and read more about this tool here.
Method 2. You can use the Visual Studio Application template to create a new "Window Service" which uses System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase NameSpace.
You can wrap your service logic inside the static void Main() of the class.
Then you can use 2 overriden functions OnStart and OnStop
After that build an exe for the service app and use the "installutil" provided in .NET SDK to register this service from command line.
Here is how you do it.
- Register this service from command line.
--- installutil C:\mcWebService\bin\Debug\mcWebService.exe
You use /u option to uninstall the service.
- installutil /u C:\mcWebService\bin\Debug\mcWebService.exe
Goto the service manager in windows and start and stop the service and you are good to go. Let me know if you need further help.