Has anyone there got any experience of using ASP (not ASP.NET - but I'll come to that) with VS2008. The debugger dies whenever you change anything or stop it - which seems inelegant. Microsoft's response is to sniffily tell me that they don't support ASP beyond VS2005 and certainly won't on VS2010 - we're all expected to rewrite our whole application in .NET (which they have claimed is an easy transition!). I also have a problem with ASP.NET in this version if VS2008 in that if a page is (in Microsoft terms) "badly formed" - i.e written like Classic ASP without a code page - I'm told it can't be debugged ("Invalid location for breakpoint"). I have some pages like this because I converted them directly to ASP instead of completely rewriting them as Microsoft advised (I have like many people a large investement in classic ASP which would make a complete non cost-effective). They did debug successfully with VS2005. It seems to me that Microsoft have somewhat lost the plot with this product (again!).

I feel your pain. We have several applications written in classic asp. We are starting all new projects in VS2008, .NET platform.

All of our legacy asp code is maintained via Dreamweaver CS3 or CS4.

While I know a complete port to .net is usually not cost effective, I would recommend taking the leap to .net for new stuff. And you can run VS 2005 alongside VS 2008, so perhaps that would help with the debugging.

Check this out: http://tutorial.jcwcn.com/Web-Design/ASP-NET/NET/2007-07-03/1921.html You will have to convert your ASP files to ASPX files with aspcompat="True" in the page directive header. Then you will have to fix the errors because you have VB script instead of VB. It's a pain but the debugger will then work. Next, learn ASP.NET before Microsoft decides to change to something else!