Hi, i hope someone can help me. i want to create a forum (think i should call it a forum. it is just going to be one page where people can add their thoughts or compliments or suggestions). I'm going to use mySQL and Asp.Net C#, but don't really have an idea of what to do.

I've tried to google good tutorials, but all of them is php, and i don't want to use php, as some of my other pages are already built in .net

if someone can maybe just point me to a tutorial, that would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Do you know how to write code? First google "create a connection with mysql using asp.net" then try to insert a simple record then update & delete. If you can do that then search google for a free editor.


Why don't you try to download the Open Source discussion forum or bulletin board system for web sites running ASP.NET C#.You can surely customized it to connect to a Myswq database its written on the documentation.I advice you to give a try


thanks so much for everyones help. i'll first try some of the options, before marking solved! i might still need help on this!

I think the phpBB would be the easiest way out, but i'm not looking for an easy way out..i'm looking to learn and improve. i really prefer C#.net above php..and i actually don't know why.

once again thanks. and as soon as i have done it..i will thank you all once again and mark as solved


excellent thought...i've created forum 2 yrs ago in JSP..
it took six months 4 me to build that thing...

so get ready for some action..

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