i need to write a function to remove consecutive slashses from a string

i wrote this

for( i=0; i!=b; )
		var slashone = strname.indexOf('/',i+1)
		var slashtwo = strname.indexOf('/',i+1)
		//alert("index of slash one" + slashone)
		//alert("index of slash two" + slashtwo)	
		if( slashone == (slashtwo-1))
		 alert("Remove Consecutive Slashes")
		// form..focus();
		 return false;
		//	break; 

this works only for the first occurence
not there after
ie it works for a//b
but doesn't work for a//b//c

Here is an example script that can help you learn Regular Expressions.

<script type="text/javascript">
function removeSlash(string, searchFor) {
	// This searches for all occurrences of searchFor that occurs more than once
	// {2,} means 2 or more repeats
	// The second param, "i", marks the search case-insensitive (if you need to remove letters)
	// If you want to remove ALL multiple occurrences, change the second param to "gi"

	var RegEx = new RegExp("(" + searchFor + "){2,}", "i");
	return string.replace(RegEx, searchFor);

<script type="text/javascript">
var myString = "a////b//c//d";
document.write("Original string: " + myString + "<br/>");

var fixedString = removeSlash(myString, "/");
document.write("Fixed string: " + fixedString); // Should return "a/b//c//d"


regular expressions seemed a lil difficult, i'll go through them some time later...
i wrote this for my problem....

function RemoveConsecutiveValues(strString, strConValue)
while (strString.indexOf(strConValue + strConValue) >= 0)
strString = strString.replace(strConValue + strConValue, strConValue);
while (strString.indexOf(strConValue) == 0)
 strString=strString.replace(strConValue , "");
while(strString.lastIndexOf(strConValue) == (strString.length - 1))
strString= strString.substring(0,strString.lastIndexOf(strCon  Value))
return strString;


thanks everyone !!

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