I want to create a form that a user can fill in his information and send the form to his friends via email.

Anybody have ideas or examples they know of.

What would be the best way to do this. Even if it's not the form itself just the data.

I want to add code to my e-commerce web-site that allows a visitor to send out a "Here is my new info" message to their friends.

I've looked at several different FORM-based code examples, but none I have found really fits what I want to do - and I've seen web-sites that can do this without the user popping up their default mail program to do the task.

Any pointers - either way - I'm just looking for a simple solution...

There is an inherent risk of real high SPAM abuse in what you are trying to acheive as well as trojans, etc. Do you have your own email server? If not, you may not want to do this.

In order to have your server send the email, its IP Address usually has to be registered with the email server. Even if you have your own email server, the risks are enormous.

I can assure you that doing what you are requesting help with is likely to make your web site hated and banned by many large companies. That is how great the risk.

I do what you are referring to but it is very controlled. Only people within the company are allowed access to the web pages that accomplish it and I log every event associated with it. That enables me to monitor for abuse.

My advice is "DON'T DO IT!" At least, not until you understand the risks and can control them.