Hello Daniweb,

I am a newbie student. I have a problem where I designed my web page project and eventually it must contain a background song that will continuously play even clicking the links/pages. Is there any possibities of doing this? Thanks for the help. I will greatly appreciate your responce. :)

Are you asking for how to play the music, or how to keep it continuously streaming on page change?

- For playing, find an online app that plays music, such as MiniPod.

- Once you've embedded your music player, the real challenge is keeping the music streaming. There are a few ways to do this, and all of them require extra coding that you might not want to do.

You could either make your entire site AJAX powered, making it so your page never changes and your music player is not touched or unLoaded.

Another idea is using a frame at 100% width and height, with 0 padding, border, and margin. This frame would contain your site. Outside of the frame in the parent window, make another <div> with your music player.

Thanks for the reply itsjareds. My concern if I'm going to used the frame is my pages is made of div.
Changing from one page to another would cause a problem. Any help pls. :) Thanks

you are going to create frameset and your top frame will be 0%, then you are going to embed your sound to your top frame. the navigation will take place in the main frame, so the background sound will stay when you click the links. if you dont know how to do those i will provide you with example.

Thanks for the reply sir. Yes please sir if your not busy can I ask for sample html code. Thanks a lot. :)

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