jst a small Query..!!
How to convert string to Date format.. So tht i can get result from database..!!!

$date = "mm/dd/yy";

i want in yy-mm-dd format...!!! which function is used for it.!!
waiting for positive reply..!!

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Hi nish123,

You will need to use two function calls for this, strtotime and date. First you use strtotime to convert your string to a unix timestamp, like so:

$time = strtotime( $date );

Then you use this timestamp to calculate a date in whatever format you want. To get the format yy-mm-dd, you need the following formula string: 'y-m-d'. So the call to date would look like this:

$myDate = date( 'y-m-d', $time );

For more details on these two functions, please see the documentation at http://www.php.net/manual/en. The documentation on the date function includes the common format strings that you can use to format your date.

yes this is possible using php function like

$dob1=trim($_POST['txt_dob']);//$dob1='dd/mm/yyyy' format
			list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $dob1);
			$mk=mktime(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);

if you can convert string date to date formate direct using strtotime() function this not give valid date
i have all ready faced this problem

i hope this code will helpfull to you

if you want to convert y-m-d formate to dd/mm/yy than you can use
this type of code

			 	$new_date=date('dS M, Y', strtotime($update_date));

if you did not do like this than blank date automatic convert into 1969 date


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Personally, I hate strtotime.
You could do this (less eloquent than dark's), but here goes:

$date = [something in US format: mm/dd/yy]

$newdate = substr($date,6,2) . "-" . substr($date,0,2) . "-" substr($date,3,2);

This assumes that the original date will always have 2 digits (including a leading zero for numbers less than 10) for each date element. I have to say a 'two digit year' is horrible - any way of changing it to 4 digits?

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Thanks to everybody...!!!
Problems is sloved..!! :)

you should marked issue as solved

I basicly want to take three inputs and make them into one date object.

Should I then combine them into one string first?

so would it be
$datestring= $year.$month.$day;


$time = strtotime( $datestring );

$myDate = date( 'y-m-d', $time ); ?

$query_att_cek = SELECT id,nosb_m,class_id,year,STR_TO_DATE(tarikh, '%d-%m-%Y'),attend,komen FROM attendance where 'tarikh between $date1 and $date31' and class_id = '$_SESSION[class_id]' group by tarikh;

help me please

Thanks it worked

I am having a user defined string like Tue 12 June, 09.30 AM will you please help me to convert it into 2012-06-12 09:30:00 in php.

In Advance thanks a ton.

i have my string as 19930804 format (YYYYMMDD) and i need to convert this into 1993-08-04 date format can any one help me pls

use date("d-m-Y",$date);

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Well I think if you do these steps then it will be easy.

1: input field
<input type="date" name="date">

2: Retrieve date in php
$date = $_POST["date"];
$date = filter_input(INPUT_POST,"date");
$date = $_GET["date"];
$date = filter_input(INPUT_GET,"date");

3: Send it in query
$query = "INSERT INTO TABLENAME (DATE) VALUES ('".$date."');";

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