hello sir,

i want one of the following,

1. i upload a excel file on server then i will display of its contents using php in various tables as requirement


2 if i upload a excel file using php then after uploading excel files, mysql table automaticly update according excel file

plz help me

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You can do this various ways. You will need to do some research.
Here are some ideas:
- excel csv file
- phpmyadmin
- text file (csv) > php > browser


This has come up a number of time recently. If you do a search you will find the other posts and the suggestions made.

I have started to experiment with the latest version of a PHP Excel Reader which you can find here:

It seems to be very capable and easy to use. Click on the link and you will see the sample Excel sheet and the PHP output (which looks the same). It can handle work books with multiple sheets and it can also handle references from one sheet to another.


let we use this sample file from php-excel reader,

1 i want to display row B & C in one php page

2. and rest of the all in another php page

3. i want to fetch up data from this new attach exl table example e.g i want all detail regarding the row where mobile=333

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