i have some data in an Array but i want only a particular part of it..!!
how can i get it..

for Example...

[0] => status=1&messages=xxxxxxxxx&credit=23.4;

i just want to get status = 1

how can i get it..?? help me out...!! :(

you can achive this by using explode function
suppose you have info. in array like
now by using explode function:

$exploded= explode('&',$array[0]);

now $exploded[0] will contain status=1

i hope this helps you.

commented: Good tip, I hadn't thought of using explode like this +4

i thnk explode convert string into array..!!
but here value itself an array.... does it work.?

Okay i have tested... its working pretty fine with explode..!!!!
thnx maan..!!! :)

$arr = explode("&",$lines[0]);